The ADA also suggests that pressure in the cargo hold can also affect insulin quality. Additionally, keeping your supplies in your carry on is a good idea to avoid the drama associated with stolen luggage….

This is something that is totally left up to you to do, and without the (initial) monetary reward, it really is the true test of how passionate and dedicated you are about what you do.

Part 2 of the post mainly focuses on rides that are intended for adults only. I’ve also learnt that there is a difference between Amusement Park and Fair Rides, the former being a more permanent fixture compared to the nomadic nature of the latter. As I would have mentioned before, Trinbago Coney Island appears to […]

While lifting with proper form in a gym is only done for a fraction of the time that a worker performs his task, we can easily see how the cumulative effect of the above mentioned factors can contribute to work related MSDs.

There exists evidence of the structure being anchored to the ground, though I’m not exactly sure how. I also appreciate the white picket fence as a measure of access control, but neither its height nor its proximity to the scaffolding prevent any unsupervised child from thinking it’s a jungle gym. 

On November 16, before BW458 disembarked at the NMIA (Normal Manley International Airport) in Kingston Jamaica, an announcement was made for passengers to have their immunization cards ready for inspection as Health Officials were checking passengers for Yellow Fever… Before arriving at the immigration line, passengers without their immunization records were asked to join a […]

I think the pressure sensitive adhesive of the duct tape and perhaps the paint job on that particular wall had a combined effect on the outcome…however the tape didn’t produce the same outcome on another wall at that same venue….

I guess you can imagine my shock upon reading this. It’s evident that the host’s story is contradictory… The more pressing issue being the word of his Property Manager against mine. Here are some areas where the story doesn’t add up

Basic physics of a water slide reveals that water acts as a lubricant allowing easy movement of a person down the slide at a rapid pace. The ‘big splash’ at the end is called an exit flume and apart from creating a grand finale upon a person’s exit, it actually is the ‘braking system’ for persons using water slides of this nature.

My office building doesn’t allow for weekend office work, so I often have to find an alternative. Working from home is easier said than done for me, I get easily distracted…or hungry…so I’m often in search of an ideal Weekend Office, i.e. somewhere I can sit with my laptop and get things done.