The ADA also suggests that pressure in the cargo hold can also affect insulin quality. Additionally, keeping your supplies in your carry on is a good idea to avoid the drama associated with stolen luggage….

Recycling has really picked up in Trinidad within the last year. A lot of persons are now sorting their recyclables and taking them to the various collection receptacles around the country. iCare is the first national recycling initiative in Trinidad with collection bins at over 70 locations nationwide. They advertise collection of plastics, glass, drink […]

This is something that is totally left up to you to do, and without the (initial) monetary reward, it really is the true test of how passionate and dedicated you are about what you do.

There are 2 sites currently under  construction along  the Trincity Central Road. Trincity Central is located at the roundabout, and more recently the Trincity Village Centre started going up in the vicinity of Republic Bank and Superpharm. Did you know that the law requires an occupier to protect the health and safety of the public […]

Walking up these stairs is not the problem for me….it’s walking down. This staircase makes me dizzy… It seems that the pattern of the flooring cleverly disguises the depth changes for each step. The issue is not ascending the staircase as the mild shadows created highlight the risers. However from the top of the staircase, […]

Part 2 of the post mainly focuses on rides that are intended for adults only. I’ve also learnt that there is a difference between Amusement Park and Fair Rides, the former being a more permanent fixture compared to the nomadic nature of the latter. As I would have mentioned before, Trinbago Coney Island appears to […]

La Cantina has one of the most interesting public restroom designs I’ve seen. When you walk into the single door to the restroom area, there is each a cubicle for Handicap, Male, Female and Family all sharing 2 communal sinks. It doesn’t seem that the Handicap cubicle has handrails either. Very interesting use of space, […]

It looks like CC8 Trincity is undergoing renovations. What I think they did right: Schedule the work outside of operating hours-no workmen were seen. No tools were left on the scaffolding either-lessening falling objects as a potential source of injury. What I think they could have improved on: Have a sign informing the public of […]

While lifting with proper form in a gym is only done for a fraction of the time that a worker performs his task, we can easily see how the cumulative effect of the above mentioned factors can contribute to work related MSDs.

There exists evidence of the structure being anchored to the ground, though I’m not exactly sure how. I also appreciate the white picket fence as a measure of access control, but neither its height nor its proximity to the scaffolding prevent any unsupervised child from thinking it’s a jungle gym.