Recycling has really picked up in Trinidad within the last year. A lot of persons are now sorting their recyclables and taking them to the various collection receptacles around the country. iCare is the first national recycling initiative in Trinidad with collection bins at over 70 locations nationwide. They advertise collection of plastics, glass, drink cartons (Tetra Pak) and aluminium containers.

I predominantly recycle my plastics and cartons, but hesitate to dispose of my glass containers at iCare bins. These receptacles have 3 aluminium wall panels with a wire mesh door and an open top. You can place your recyclables by either opening the wire door or heaving your trash-bags into the receptacle through the top. I don’t think there are any guidelines for preparing your trash for disposal, so it’s up to your discretion.

Have you ever thought about the persons who have to clear these receptacles? I’ve often time seen unsecured glass containers at iCare bins…We  usually take care to wrap our broken glass in newspaper or perhaps use a box when disposing of it in our regular trash, but I don’t think we’ve translated that skill to this type of disposal…

I think the design of the iCare bins is not quite suited to disposing of glass containers, which is why I’m glad Glass Works came along. Their bins are metal and are totally enclosed with a small door and chute preventing access to the contents of the receptacle which also contains any broken glass fragments. I would hope that the collection teams for this bin will be more prepared to deal with broken glass than those for iCare.

So I’ll continue using iCare for my plastics and cartons and will be disposing of my glass at Glass Works receptacles. Wouldn’t iCare send glass to Glass Works anyway?…

Note: Lightbulbs, Labware and Windows Panes should not be disposed of at Glass Works receptacles.

What do you think?

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About Alina C. Dhanoolal

I have a genuine and deep seated interest in shared spaces, anything from hotels to food courts. I currently have a career in Occupational, Health and Safety and I’m exploring it’s relevance outside the workplace, and in my native Trinidad. The content for my posts are solely funded by me and bare no affiliation to the organisations described. All views and opinions expressed are therefore personal..and honest. My intention is not to discredit any company, brand or business, but rather to highlight things that may be overlooked with routine operations. I also hope that my thoughts will broaden the public interest in having their standards raised-for those that need to- and to credit those who are doing a good job.


What Do You Think?