Walking up these stairs is not the problem for me….it’s walking down. This staircase makes me dizzy… It seems that the pattern of the flooring cleverly disguises the depth changes for each step. The issue is not ascending the staircase as the mild shadows created highlight the risers. However from the top of the staircase, the changes in height of each tread blend in so well….it seriously messes with your depth perception… where it would be worse to fall while descending as opposed to ascending the staircase…

Traction on this surface is not an issue, and they did contrasting colours for the 2 steps leading to the top of the staircase, why not continue for this entire staircase…. (aesthetics?)….even with the customary handrail signs, I don’t think they can save you….

What do you think?



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About Alina C. Dhanoolal

I have a genuine and deep seated interest in shared spaces, anything from hotels to food courts. I currently have a career in Occupational, Health and Safety and I’m exploring it’s relevance outside the workplace, and in my native Trinidad. The content for my posts are solely funded by me and bare no affiliation to the organisations described. All views and opinions expressed are therefore personal..and honest. My intention is not to discredit any company, brand or business, but rather to highlight things that may be overlooked with routine operations. I also hope that my thoughts will broaden the public interest in having their standards raised-for those that need to- and to credit those who are doing a good job.


What Do You Think?


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