La Cantina has one of the most interesting public restroom designs I’ve seen.

When you walk into the single door to the restroom area, there is each a cubicle for Handicap, Male, Female and Family all sharing 2 communal sinks. It doesn’t seem that the Handicap cubicle has handrails either. Very interesting use of space, perhaps ‘inclusive’ even…but I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel if my young daughter used a cubicle next to one occupied by a strange man….

What do you think?


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About Alina C. Dhanoolal

I have a genuine and deep seated interest in shared spaces, anything from hotels to food courts. I currently have a career in Occupational, Health and Safety and I’m exploring it’s relevance outside the workplace, and in my native Trinidad. The content for my posts are solely funded by me and bare no affiliation to the organisations described. All views and opinions expressed are therefore personal..and honest. My intention is not to discredit any company, brand or business, but rather to highlight things that may be overlooked with routine operations. I also hope that my thoughts will broaden the public interest in having their standards raised-for those that need to- and to credit those who are doing a good job.


What Do You Think?


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